“What are schools for?”

At SchoolsTechOz Conference in Melbourne hosted at Firbank Grammar School, Simon Breakspear delivered a thought provoking keynote in which he threw down a key challenge for all educators (and society) to consider.

Given as Alvin Toffler has famously commented,


Simon challenged us all to consider the challenging question:

“What are schools for?”

Manage Your Digest of Real Time Student Progress Notifications

Stay in touch with how your students are progressing without even logging into myEd with our Real Time Nofiication Digest Emails!

Select from Daily or Weekly Digests to get all your real time notifications from students activity collected in a single email :)

Check out how to update your preferences here:

Notification Digest Settings

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Real Time Notification Breakdown

With lots of student activity real time notifications are exciting – they give you a real time sense of your students progress and the impact you’re having as a teacher.

And we’re excited to announce that our real time notifications of student activity have just got even better!

We’ve added a breakdown or segmentation of your notifications of student progress – so if you want to only focus on notifications relating to Marking you can!

Or if you want to focus only on notifications relating to social discussions that you need to respond to or monitor you now can!

Check it out in action here:

Notification Segmentation


Flipping the classroom – students delivering PD for their teachers using myEd

Over the last week Yohan from myEd spent a day with students at Mt Eliza Secondary school as part of their Real Time Learning project.

Real Time Learning enables something incredible for students – using the principle of 20% Google time – students in Real Time Learning get 1 day of the week to work on any project of their choosing!

After seeing, using and loving learning on myEd, a group of students decided to choose as their project for the week to ‘flip the classroom’ (in more ways then one!) and teach their teachers on how to use myEd in the classroom! (which we think is really awesome on a number of levels!)

The students spent the morning working with Yohan to create their own quests and then shared one with their teachers prior to the session (flipping the PD session) and then during the session spend time working actively with each teacher showing them how to use myEd.

On top of all of this they directed, filmed and edited the following video on the process & their experience!

Check it out here:

Our parent portal is now live :)

Too often parents feel left out of their child’s learning journey.

Only getting glimpses of their child’s progress from the ‘grunts’ of replies they may receive from their children over the dinner table, to the twice a year reports and parent teacher meetings at child’s school with their teachers.

myEd’s new parent portal changes all this.


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“myEd has really changed & improved the way I teach”

Over the last term we’ve been working with Fiona Knights, Brian Riley and the amazing team at Our Lady of Southern Cross, in Wyndemvale, Victoria  who use myEd with their students.

We recently chatted to Fiona about her experiences using myEd with her classes and this is what she had to say!

What has your experience been using myEd so far? What do you love about it?

myEd has really changed and improved the way I teach.  

Before using myEd, I really found it difficult to track all my students and provide feedback on a regular basis.

Through myEd I am now able to access and view all my students work samples through the one program and give them instant feedback to improve their learning.  The platform has also enabled me to scaffold their learning.

At our school, our students are involved in many project based learning and inquiry projects.  myEd has enabled me to guide the students through the learning process.

The structure of myEd is based around quest based activities.

Students absolutely love participating in the quests and receiving badges.

They can easily upload their work and complete questions.  The layout is easy for them to navigate and view the feedback instantly that I can provide to them about their learning.

Setting up the quests are so easy for teachers to do.  

Real Time Notifications are Now Live :)

You asked for it and it’s now here – real time push notifications & email digests!

Want to know when a student has completed a quest?

Submitted work?

Asked a question on social learning?

In a single glance you can now keep track of all of your students activity with our real time push notifications – and you can easily click and navigate directly to it to easily provide feedback & help your students!


To also make it easy for you to keep track of your students’ progress we send you a daily or weekly digest email of all your students’ activity :)

maker faire

How to Make School the Best 7 Hours of a Kids Life – Gary Stager

At Expanded Learning Horizon’s (ELH) Changerous Ideas Conference down in Lorne, Victoria, Gary Stager, author of Invent to Learn delivered a thought provoking  presentation with a key challenge for educators to ask ourselves:

How do I make school today the best 7 hours of a kids life?

How do I make school something that a kid wakes up in the middle of night wanting to go to school to work on something that means something to them?

Here’s some of Gary’s suggestions for how to make this possible:

1. Technology is a Game Changer


What will education look like in 2030?

At Expanded Learning Horizon’s (ELH) Changerous Ideas Conference down in Lorne, Victoria, Stephen Harris, Principal at Northern Beaches Christian School, and Founder of the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning delivered the final keynote address exploring the question:

What will education look like in 2030?

Here are our 5 key take-outs from Stephen’s keynote:

1. Schools must be part of the real world

busy-street-nyc-2010 (1)

The phrase “wait until you get into the real world” is often heard around schools, but schools need to become part of the real world – as after all that’s exactly what schools are meant to be equipping students for. The irony is that to do this we remove young people from the real world and this divide that’s been allowed to continue is damaging.

turramurra high school

myEd helps me stay organised & monitor student progress

One of a number of schools we’ve been working this year has been Turramurra High School - we recently chatted to Douglas about his experiences as a teacher using myEd with his Year 8 and Year 10 classes.

What has your experience been using myEd so far? What do you love about it?

myEd helps students focus.

Where an assignment or activity sheet may have lots of words, stimuli and instructions, myEd helps set out the content in a way (small chunks along a quest) where a student can focus on one piece of content or instruction at a time, allowing them to focus on this and not get distracted. 

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