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myEd helps me stay organised & monitor student progress

One of a number of schools we’ve been working this year has been Turramurra High School - we recently chatted to Douglas about his experiences as a teacher using myEd with his Year 8 and Year 10 classes.

What has your experience been using myEd so far? What do you love about it?

myEd helps students focus.

Where an assignment or activity sheet may have lots of words, stimuli and instructions, myEd helps set out the content in a way (small chunks along a quest) where a student can focus on one piece of content or instruction at a time, allowing them to focus on this and not get distracted. 

3 words you would use to describe myEd?

Simple, clear, intuitive.

How have your students in your classes responded to using myEd? Is there a specific example or story that comes to mind?

Students have found the interface intuitive and easily figured out how to navigate through their quests.

I’ve found that students like be able to preview documents that are embedded in myEd (all documents and videos are embedded within myEd) as this means they don’t have to download the document and view it separately, or open it in a new tab – which often leads to students getting distracted. 

Screenshot 2014-08-04 16.34.16

How has myEd influenced your teaching for the positive? Does it enable you to do anything you couldn’t before?

myEd has helped me organise my files and un-clutter my email or USB’s.

It’s much easier to deal with a grade’s submission of an electronic file through myEd.

The feedback of a students progress in markbook has also made it much easier to monitor the progress, allowing more computer based tasks to be set for students. 

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