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“myEd has really changed & improved the way I teach”

Over the last term we’ve been working with Fiona Knights, Brian Riley and the amazing team at Our Lady of Southern Cross, in Wyndemvale, Victoria  who use myEd with their students.

We recently chatted to Fiona about her experiences using myEd with her classes and this is what she had to say!

What has your experience been using myEd so far? What do you love about it?

myEd has really changed and improved the way I teach.  

Before using myEd, I really found it difficult to track all my students and provide feedback on a regular basis.

Through myEd I am now able to access and view all my students work samples through the one program and give them instant feedback to improve their learning.  The platform has also enabled me to scaffold their learning.

At our school, our students are involved in many project based learning and inquiry projects.  myEd has enabled me to guide the students through the learning process.

The structure of myEd is based around quest based activities.

Students absolutely love participating in the quests and receiving badges.

They can easily upload their work and complete questions.  The layout is easy for them to navigate and view the feedback instantly that I can provide to them about their learning.

Setting up the quests are so easy for teachers to do.  

The program enables the teacher to easily insert youtube, google doc files and interactive quiz activities.

I can really personalise the students learning, by setting up side quests to target specific learning needs.

If I see a student is having difficulty with a concept or may need extension, I can set up a side quest based on the individual’s learning needs.

myEd has also enabled the flipped classroom model.

I can provide videos on a topic where students can watch at their own pace and I can create focus teaching based on their answers.  Learning can happen 24/7 where students can also log on at home and complete the quests in their own time and use the feedback I give them to improve their learning.

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3 words you would use to describe myEd?

Engaging, personalised, stimulating

How have your students in your classes responded to using myEd? Is there a specific example or story that comes to mind?

All my students have all responded in a positive way to the myEd.

I had a small group of boys, who were really disengaged in their learning, however the myEd has really improved their learning and they are wanting to participate in more quests.

These group of boys are now the first ones to complete all their work and really have responded well to the feedback I have given them to improve their learning.

The students in my class want to set up their own quests so they can teach others about topics.

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How has myEd influenced your teaching for the positive? Does it enable you to do anything you couldn’t before?

At my school I work in an open learning environment.  Before using myEd, I found it really difficult to monitor all my students and see what they have been doing in class time.

This has enabled me to give feedback each day to my students on their learning whereas before I found this impossible to do.

It has also enabled me to really personalise their learning and create side quests based on their individual needs.

I love not having to take all my students books home.  

Now all I need is my laptop and I can login to see all my students work samples and have evidence of where my students are at with their learning.

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